By: Sandy Stokes

If the dangerous, lawless takeover in Seattle has shown us anything, it is that generations of one-party rule have not been healthy for our state.

Our little town is fielding a candidate who can help reverse the trend toward impotent state governance.  Bill Bruch is the change candidate – a Republican running for a seat in the state House of Representatives.

He has been a La Conner and Skagit County resident for many years and knows the issues we face as homeowners, farmers, small business owners and taxpayers. He has allies in both political parties and constantly works across party lines to achieve solutions that benefit us all.

Bill Bruch has served on the La Conner Town Council in the past and has also spent many hours volunteering on projects to make our community better.

As your Legislative District 10 representative, he will resist any efforts to sanction lawlessness and will work hard to make the state stay within its budget without constantly raising our taxes.

Bill Bruch has grassroots support and is not funded by unions and rich elites in Seattle and Bellevue. 

Please don’t buy into the dirty partisan politics. Elect Bill Bruch, a principled man who will work hard for the community he lives in and cares about.