“O is for openness,” “H is for Hope,” “U is for Universe” and Cate Schultz has written “Soul Primer: Building Blocks of the Soul” to share an alphabet of lessons to “A” assist you as you journey on the road toward Abundance.
It is not a children’s book but has the look of one. It is a loving invitation to take better care of yourself, one lesson at a time, for 26 weeks.
Lessons mean learning. Schultz offers half a year of practice: “Every week read one letter of the alphabet and enjoy the gorgeous art associated with the week’s teaching” she writes in the introduction Each lesson offers a poem, quotation or meditative essay, a couple of pages of photographs and art, one third by Camaro Island artist Jack Gunter.
Each week’s lesson’s theme is a phrase: “K is for Kindness” supported by a daily reminder: “I treat people with kindness to improve my life, to help others, and to make the world a better place.”
Turn the page for an affirmation: “Kindness is a gift to yourself.” Read the short primer on the week’s theme. Follow the week’s instruction, repeating daily. Reread each “Ongoing Goal” and practice it that week.
Schultz has five resource pages at the back for additional practice.
She ends with “Live on Purpose to Love in Perpetuity.”
“Soul Primer” provides 26 steps so you can get half a year down that path.
Schultz speaks at Seaport Books in Gilkey Square Thursday. - By Ken Stern