By Katie Carson

In March La Conner schools were told to close their doors by the state’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction due to the coronavirus. A great challenge was placed in front of all to teach and establish logistics through Zoom meetings and Google Classroom while maintaining a fluid stream of communication with the entire school district community. Not easy. But through the positive efforts of students, teachers, staff, administration, and families the 2019/2020 school year was successfully completed.

The State Superintendent, Chris Reykdal, on June 11th asked for all school districts to start work right away on their plans for the 2020-2021 school year, to spend this summer to reengage and reexamine their efforts of the last three months. Now has come the opportunity to include the broader community to develop a format that engages all. A school district is an organism; when the living parts are prioritized, the response will be shown through innovation and cooperation.

Confident leadership empowers others: Students have intelligent ideas: teachers, skilled listeners and instructors, respond. Principals trust their teaching staff, listen and encourage performance at the highest level. Superintendents, informed by the principals, support the staff through constructive mentoring, funding of programs, and communication with the Board and community. The School Board, responding to the superintendent’s considerations, ensures all runs smoothly. This “Bubble Up” process secures a success story.

Let’s get it right this summer so when the next school year begins our freshmen walk into high school with confidence, the 6th graders walk into middle school eager to learn, and the kindergarteners enter elementary school ready to discover the educational possibilities our school district offers.

Katie Carson lives in La Conner. Her son enters high school this fall.